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Missionary Community at St. Vincent's

Since September 2018, the parish of St. Vincent de Paul has been staffed by a community of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).  The Parish Priest is Ferdinand Van Campen (on the left of the picture). Three other missionaries are in community with him: Charles Obanya who hails from Kenya and has been a missionary in Zambia (on the right of the altar); Terry Madden, a true Briton with missionary experience in Burkina Faso and the Philippines (centre); Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald, with many years’ experience in inter-religious dialogue in Rome and Egypt.

The Missionaries of Africa were invited into the Archdiocese of Liverpool by Archbishop Malcolm MacMahon to: “Take over the pastoral care of one of our parishes, (…) to set up a mission to specifically respond to the needs of our African brothers and sisters, and others of various ethnic origins, in the in the city” (From the Pastoral letter of 1 October 2017). He also encouraged them to connect with people of other faiths and religions in the archdiocese to break down barriers and grow in mutual understanding.


On arriving in their new mission in Liverpool, the Missionaries  developed their mission statement:

"We are a community of missionaries living in the parish of St. Vincent de Paul within the diocese of Liverpool collaborating with local structures to bring about the Kingdom of God by means of an apostolate in Justice and Peace, Interreligious dialogue and Parish mission".  

« I am a man, and nothing human is foreign to me. I am a man, and injustice towards others revolts my heart. I am a man, and oppression offends my nature. »  

(Lavigerie, Chiesa del Gesù, Rome, 23rd December 1888)