Welcome to St. Vincent's Parish Website


St. Vincent de Paul parish is on the edge of Liverpool One, bordering on the Baltic Triangle.


Its foundation

Founded in 1852, St. Vincent de Paul parish was created for the service of the mainly Irish population living in the dense and deprived housing of the docklands of Liverpool. At its foundation, it served a Catholic population of over 7,000. There were 4 Masses celebrated every Sunday and 2 every weekday.


Difficult Times

The people were evicted from their houses in the 1960s’ slum clearances. Local employment also collapsed with the transfer of the docks downriver. St. Vincent’s parish was kept alive by a core of 60 or 70 faithful believers, served by the priests of the neighbouring parishes.



Today, this area of the city is experiencing a regeneration, following the redevelopment of Liverpool One. St. Vincent’s wants to be at the heart of this rebirth and growth. It wants to be a beacon of hope and a sign of the Kingdom of God, as a new population takes its place in this area of the city; a population of students from the universities and professionals of all ages residing in the converted warehouses and the newly constructed tower blocks.


St. Vincent’s also extends an open welcome to all people newly arrived in Liverpool from lands far and near. We welcome refugees and asylum seekers. We welcome those coming in search of a new life in this bustling city that has made a name for itself in entertainment and arts and as a City of Welcome. We welcome especially those of the African Diaspora and hope to build with you a home from home.


God loves us all equally, whatever our religion, whatever our cultural background. St. Vincent’s wants to be part of the movement to break down the barriers and create understanding between peoples of all faiths and none.


A community of Christian Disciples who have weathered the storms of the recent past of this area of the city, St. Vincent’s is here to welcome all those in search of a new life and a new way of living.


This new website is part of our endeavour to participate in the life of the people around the parish. We ask you to bear with us as we develop it and grow too in the use of its technology. 


Please stay safe in the face of the corona virus. Let us put our trust both in God's love and in human ingenuity to come out of this crisis safely and more wisely.